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Telephone: 502-893-3333

Davis Electronics Co. Inc.

Louisville's premiere two-way radio dealer

  • 1 Kenwood Radios

    Davis Electronics is your Kenwood Radio dealer in the Louisville, Southern Indiana area we can supply your airtime, Instillation and technical service needs as well as product and system Engineering and consulting needs !
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  • 2 Vertex Standard Dealer

    Davis Electronics is your Vertex Standard Radio dealer in the Louisville, Southern Indiana area we can supply your airtime, Instillation and technical service needs as well as product and system Engineering and consulting needs !
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  • 3 Commercial Tower Rental

    Davis Electronics offers seven strategically placed tower sites across Kentucky and Southern Indian available for commercial tower space rental. All sites incorporate electronics security,video surveillance, and environmentally controlled clean environment.
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  • 4 Wireless Data

    Unrivaled Wireless Solutions That Deliver Greater Agility There’s a reason why Davis Electronics Wireless Network Solutions are used The unrivalled Davis Electronics portfolio of Point-to-Point (PTP), Point-to-Multipoint (PMP), and Mesh Wide Area Network (MWAN), WLAN and VoWLAN solutions make governments, enterprises, and service providers more agile by helping them deploy voice, video, and data applications right where they need them.
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  • 5 I.P. Video surveillance

    Davis Electronics is an Exacqvision solutions partner. we our proud to offer the finest I.P. security systems that can be purchased. Exacqvision is second to none from a small 4 camera system to hundreds on one system
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Tower Space Leasing


Davis Electronics is pleased to offer prime tower sites for your communications facilities. All of our sites are environmentally controlled and are secured by a 24 hour monitored alarm system.  Every site also has high speed internet connectivity. For more information on these sites, such as rates and space availability, email or fax your inquiry to us and we will have our site manager contact you.

Knobs 20 channel UHF Trunk System


Name: Floyds Knobs

Street Address: 5703 So. Skyline Dr.

Lat: 38-21-30 Lon: 085-51-01

Ground Elevation 965            Tower Height: 940

FCC # A0035986


Name: Top Hill Road

Street Address: 1302 Top Hill Rd

Lat: 38-04-47 Lon: 85-47-33

Ground Elevation             Tower Height: 420

FCC # 1042267


 Name: Harrison County

Street Address: Lotich Rd

Lat: 38-10-25 Lon: 085-54-50

Ground Elevation 965            Tower Height: 377

FCC # A0035989


Name: Corydon 2

Street Address: Silva Rd. & IND. 135

Lat: 38-16-52 Lon: 86-06-48

Ground Elevation 680           Tower Height: 200

FCC #  N/A


 Name: Shelbyville, Ky

Street Address: Jeptha Knob

Lat: 38-10-35 Lon: 085-06-25

Ground Elevation 1180           Tower Height: 400

FCC # 1042285


Name: Flaherty, Ky

Street Address: Sandridge Rd

Lat: 37-49-17 Lon: 086-03-51

Ground Elevation 872            Tower Height: 420

FCC # A0049851

Rental Radios

Your Number One Source of Two-way Radio Rental Equipment

  • Short-term rental to help prospects through their “peak season” or event.
  • We have city-wide (wide area) coverage to fit your radio communication needs.
  • Davis Electronics is THE source for temporary rental communications equipment –including accessories 
  • We are reasonably priced- you only pay for the timeframe of rental that you require.
  • Davis Electronics is just a phone call away for any replacement equipment in the unlikely need. We also can expand the fleet with same day delivery service of any additional equipment needed.
  • If a rental turns into a potential sale, Davis Electronics is ready to supply a prospect with a full line of communications options. 
  • Family owned company for over 30 years with a great reputation.
  • Davis Electronics  is a full service operation for your communication needs.
  • Licensed radio frequencies that are compliant to FCC regulations.

Rental Rates

Simplex ( has a range of about 2 miles )

25.00  per unit for the first day

15.00 per unit each additional day

35.00 per unit for the weekend (pick up after 3PM on Fri. and return by 10AM Mon.)

105.00 per. unit per month with a two month minimum.

City Wide ( has a range of about 45 miles )

35.00 per unit for the first day

17.00 per unit each additional day

45.00 per unit for the weekend ( pick up after 3PM on Fri. and return by 10AM Mon. )

programming fee of 50.00 per radio

*Must be paid in advance

Special arrangements and pricing can be arranged 

Please call Allen Deibel at 502-893-33333  




     Davis Electronics is proud to offer the greatest selection of two-way radio brands  in the area.

We feel with a greater selection of manufactures and models we can more closely match your

needs with equipment cost and durability. We offer the complete line of Kenwood radios analog and  digital.

We also offer the complete line of Vertex Standard Radios both analog and digital

with these two lines of radios Davis Electronics can offer you both leading edge digital 

radio formats P25 and NEXEDGE giving you once again more selectron and greater


We also offer several different manufacturers of on site and specialty radio equipment

like hearing protection integrated radio equipment by 3M tiny self contained base 

stations by Ritron as well as many others call our offices at 502-893-3333 and talk

to one of our  concierges to help you find the equipment to fit your needs.

Learn about our two-way radio Service Center


 Wireless Data

Davis Electronics Co. Inc is your best choice to deploy a wireless long range link from hundreds of feet to miles. With our combination of license free frequencies and licensed frequencies we can show you the best mix to get your data from point A to point B with reliability and speed. From 1Mbs to 1Gbs we have your solution. With our wireless encrypted Vlan our wireless networks keep your data off the Internet where it can be watched or compromised. Davis Electronics wireless security is second to none. We also offer a wide range of mesh networks for Hospitals, Schools and Warehouses these mesh wifi networks look like a single wireless network through-out your facility and have the same security features that makes Davis Electronics wireless systems second to none.

ExacqVision NVR Software
Bluetooth Wireless Mic.s

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